new Top Level Domains for Today and Tomorrow, an initiative of Matthias Jungbauer


ISIN stands for International Securities Identification Number.

Most public listed equity instruments are known with a trading symbol or ticker code like BAS, IBM, GM or SAP.
However these ticker codes are only unique within a special market.
BAS and SAP are known in Frankfurt whereas IBM and GM are known on Wall Street.

For lots of other securities the ticker and trade codes are not known at all.
There are millions of financial instruments outstanding. How many do you know?

I believe that it is in the best interest of the international financial markets if each security would have its own domain.
".isin" could be the top level domain for these securities. And the ISIN could be the domain.

The national numbering agencies who already create the ISIN codes could be used to create "isin domains". For a list of national numbering agencies, please see

The supporters of .isin have developed their own web site.

Will you help in requesting the TLD .isin.

And what should a "isin domain" look like in your view?

The samples above tells you where you can find further information about a security and what kind of information it would be.

Discussion Paper on Top Level Domains for the Finance World of Tomorrow (2nd March 2010)