new Top Level Domains for Today and Tomorrow, an initiative of Matthias Jungbauer


You may wonder why I proposed that your organization should request a new top level domain.

Be warned it will get technical.

Please think for a  moment about a really big and complex relational database where thousands if not millions of people are working with data. Think about isin, isbn, bic, ean or airport codes.

What I propose is that huge, complex, distributed databases are made accessible via top level domain based interfaces.

The general idea is that the "top level domain" equals the database name.
And the "domain" equals the main identifier in the database.

Imagine you have booked a flight from Dublin (DUB) to Tokyo (NRT)

The codes in brackets are International Air Transport Association (IATA) airport codes.
They are used to identify an airport.
Something about 18,000 codes have been created. Each airport has one code. Have a look at your flight ticket or booking confirmation.

Now, you would like to find out, how you can go by public transport from the airport to the city center.
What do you do? Where do you get that information from?

Well, I would go to the homepage of the airport and search for that peace of information.

But first I need to find the homepage of the airport.

And how am I going to do that?

Enter something like "Tokyo airport" in my favourite search engine and hope to find the airport.

While this may work well for some well known airports, what about smaller ones, less famous airports.
Or an airport which is not written in your language.

The good thing about airports and airlines is that their industry already does have its own top level domain.

If you know your airport code, then you don't need to search for the airport homepage, just enter "airport code".aero and your browser should find it. will point you straight to the web site of Dublin Airport.

.aero is the first industry based top level domain. You can get further information about them at

To avoid any misunderstandings, .aero is not and has never been my client.

I believe that your industry also needs a top level domain.